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People feel like shit because they stopped prioritising themselves. We need to turn things around. After all, how can you be anything for others, if you aren’t something to yourself?
We learned this the hard way. Eight years ago, we decided to make a difference and create brutally honest juice. Not for the people, but something closer to heart. Something more personal.
What started as an ambition to change the world of juice, ended up becoming a mission to change ourselves. From within.
Dare to say “I am proud of myself”. It is not only a valid statement, quite frankly, it’s the first step towards being a better version of yourself. And although it might not have anything to do with juice, it has everything to do with Frankly.
We won’t stop. It took us years to perfect our products, to fully grasp the greatness of greens, and challenge the perception of real juice. But once we did, we had a profound experience. Almost a revelation.
That juice is just a medium. An excuse for a break, a moment to reflect and a source of energy to be yourself.
Frankly, we DO give a damn.