Frankly Juice and Jacobsen have teamed up to create something very special for this year's Roskilde Festival. In this sustainable collaboration, an organic and upcycled IPA will be introduced, which will give festival-goers the opportunity to enjoy tasty beer in an innovative and responsible way.

The new IPA is called 'Jacobsen Roskilde Festival 2023 IPA' and is based on a residual product from Frankly Juice called 'pulp'. It is the residue that remains after extracting the juice from fruit and vegetables, and which is usually thrown away.

"We have a strong focus on optimizing the use of our raw materials and the residue that remains after pressing. We have previously used the so-called pulp in bread and other food products with great success, so when this opportunity presented itself, we were of course very excited. Pulp has a lot of good taste and nutrition in it, so it is obvious to use it in beer as well. We are super proud of the beer brewed with our pulp and look forward to hearing what the festival-goers think of it at Roskilde Festival," says Christian Bowall, Commercial Director and co-founder of Frankly Juice.

“We are very happy to present guests with this special IPA together with Frankly Juice. We've taken pains to brew what we believe is the IPA of the summer. In close collaboration with Roskilde Festival and Frankly Juice, we have created a fruity IPA which is perfect when you need to quench your thirst on a hot summer day at the festival site," says Katrine Dueholm Nielsen, commercial graduate at Carlsberg Denmark.

By using the excess pulp, Jacobsen has been able to save 15% of the malt.

"Instead of the pulp going to waste, we use it to replace a lot of malt in our brewing process and give a fruity taste to the beer, so this collaboration is a really good example of how we all get the most out of our raw materials when we upcycle," says Katrine Dueholm Nielsen.

New ways to fight food waste.

Roskilde Festival has long worked with combating food waste, and this goes well with Frankly Juice and Jacobsen's focus.

"We are very concerned about utilizing our residual products, so that we can help to do it on a stage with such great attention as Roskilde Festival, we are very proud of it. Solutions like these must help to show how food waste can be constantly combated in new ways," says Christian Bowall, Frankly Juice.

10,000 liters of Jacobsen Roskilde Festival 2023 IPA have been brewed, which can be enjoyed in the Jacobsen bar and selected bars on the festival grounds from 28 June to Saturday 1 July at Roskilde Festival.

Let's create a healthier and more sustainable world together - one sip at a time.

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